Attractions at this years ball!!!

These are just a few of the people you can meet at Night of the Senses 2015!!

The Amazing Mouse! ~ Performer

mouse bow      mouse splash

Amethyst Hammerfist ~ Wrestler 

amethyst hammerfist flashdanceCHb4v9sW8AAeSSc - Copy COYNi6jW8AA3gMTCOU_NakWsAA5-qn Goddess Qadesh ~ Dungeon Monitor

2015-05-19_04-21-41                                   2015-02-16_08-07-49 GQ chair w-logo                2015-04-12_07-32-19

Romina Puma ~ Performer

image_21306574049_o image_20872361803_o

Inferno ~ wrestler 


Ophilia Bitz ~ superstar helping hand! 

OpheliaBitz- OphiliaBitz Ophelia_Bitz-1-200-200-100-crop Ophilia Bitz

Ashley Ryder & Ben Dovervich ~ Performer

BenDovervich             ashley ryder

Sexy Wrestling ~ Inferno

This year we have a new attraction Sexy Wrestling!! Today’s featured wrestler is Inferno…. Come and challenge her…if you dare!   (via Inferno is a real pocket rocket. Our pin-up model with classic looks and a lifetime of martial … Continue reading

Ophilia Bitz

The stunning Ophelia Bitz is coming to the Ball to help out!


We are honoured to welcome this famous lady into our team and grateful we have so many wonderful people helping us

OphiliaBitz           OpheliaBitz-             Ophilia Bitz

Ophilia Bitz can be found on facebook